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Eat in our fresh garden

coffee & tea
cold drinks & smoothies

Made with delicious Nicaraguan coffee

With fresh fruits from here -> Ask us

bakery | sweets & crepes

They are really famous in town


Coffee & milk 

Frappe coffee

The "Crazy Monkey"

Frozen banana coffee


Earl Grey

Oolong tea

Natural juice

Cold Jaimacan rose tea 

Banana milkshake

Fruits smoothie *ask us

Glass of water


Banana bread

Crepe with lemon & sugar

Crepe with Nutella

the morning bowl
homemade yogurt bowls

A healthy way to start the day

Our yogurt is creamy and natural

Porridge with raisins, flax & chia, cinnamon & honey

*Add banana

    • with dates, honey, almonds & walnuts

    • with passion fruits, papaya, banana, cacao, honey & chia

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