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Eat in our fresh garden

Coffee & tea
Cold drinks & smoothies

Made with delicious Nicaraguan coffee

With fresh fruits from here -> Ask us

Bakery | sweets & crepes

They are really famous in town


Coffee & milk 

Frappe coffee

The "Crazy Monkey" - Frozen banana coffee

Earl Grey

Oolong tea

Natural juice

Cold Jaimacan rose tea 

Banana milkshake

Fruits smoothie *ask us

Glass of water


Banana bread

Crepe with lemon & sugar

Crepe with Nutella

The morning bowl
Homemade yogurt bowls

A healthy way to start the day

Porridge with raisins, flax & chia, cinnamon & honey

*Add banana

Our yogurt is creamy and natural

    • with dates, honey, almonds & walnuts

    • with passion fruits, papaya, banana, cacao, honey & chia

Daily homemade bread
Delicious brownie
banana-coffee-dutchys 2.jpg
Smoothie Crazy Monkey
Breakfast toasts
Special toasts

Made with fresh homemade bread

Comes with homemade cream cheese

with cream cheese

with butter & jam

    • with egg

    • with egg & vegetables

    • with egg & bacon

Chicken bus sandwich
Outer reef sandwich
BTL Sandwich
Deli sandwiches

Choose between sliced bread or small bun or gluten free tortillas

The classic BLT sandwich

Homemade cream cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato & bacon

The Astillero sandwich

Tuna mayo, tomato, lettuce & hard boiled egg.

Roastbeef sandwich

Homemade mayo, organic roastbeef, lettuce, tomato & hard boiled egg.

Outer reef sandwich

2 eggs, homemade cream cheese, cheese, fried tomato & bacon

Chicken bus sandwich

Chicken mayo, lettuce, tomato

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