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& Lunch in Playa Guasacate

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A place to hang out between surf sessions.

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Join us and try one of our specialities
Daily homemade bread
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Roastbeef sandwich
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Smoothie Crazy Monkey
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inside Dutchy's

We are located on Playa Guasacate, the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.


You can grab your surfboard and walk 200 meters to get to one of the best surf spots in Central America called Popoyo.

Why is Popoyo so famous for surfing? Because you can surf here, with the offshore wind, more than 300 days a year. 

About us

Dutchy's family



Mucho gusto, I am Alex. If you have 30 seconds, I will tell you my story, or at least part of it.

When I was a young child, my mother transfert me her passion for cooking. She would put me on a stool so that I could reach over the countertop, hand me a knife, and get me chopping. That’s how I began to learn how to cook.


As I grew up, I went to school, high school and eventually graduate as an economist. Started an office job in my home city of Rotterdam, but I always knew that cooking was a big passion in my life. After a few years, I needed a change, so, i quit my job and moved to Nicaragua. A place where I could live in peace with myself and surf every day! Now, I cook for locals, surfers and travellers at my restaurant Duchy’s Deli.


One love!

Daily fresh homemade

bread, breakfast & lunch at Dutchy's Deli

The life of a baker is not for everyone. Wake up at 4 AM, brew a cup of coffee, put the radio on, and start preparing the day's bread.

My policy is to offer fresh homemade bread every day.


We rent a private

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